Thanks for stopping by at Not Without Cake, a London based vegetarian food and travel blog. This is where I’ll share my love for cooking, baking and embracing my inner nomad. I think my fascination for food began as a three year old with my mum’s ingenious idea of letting me sit on the kitchen counter watching her prepare meals. I’d watch her bake cakes (and then lick the bowl, obviously), big family dinners and when I was old enough, started to give a helping hand and learnt the basics. Fast forward 20 years and I’d like to say I’m self taught, but I will give credit to my wonderful mother for setting the foundations for this flourishing foodie.

Since then I’ve always been the creative type, which led me to my degree in fashion journalism and subsequent career path. But as much as I love writing and stylish aesthetics, my heart has always been with food. Being in the kitchen fills me with inspiration and energy, as does exploring as much of the globe as I can. Although cooking is as natural to me as breathing, I do realise how much it’s allowed me to have independence, educate myself and others, and genuinely become proud of something. It also makes me super happy to know other people love my food! I’m an instinctive cook, wholly experimental and I firmly believe in trial and error, taste and tweak (catchy, huh?) and not so long ago the thought of actually writing recipes and taking photos for people to follow seemed slightly alien to me. But for many of you budding chefs out there (especially the health conscious ones) that’s the best way to learn and stay motivated to cook fresh nourishing food. So, that was me sold.

Not Without Cake is my online corner of weekly musings and exciting homemade vegetarian and plant-based recipes both sweet and savoury. When I’m off on my travels you’ll see snippets of that too. I aim to post twice weekly – Sundays and Wednesdays. There’s a strong focus on healthy cooking because I honestly believe you have to feed your body the right foods from the inside out without compromising on flavour, so expect lots of the ‘good stuff’ and less of the nasties. You’ll find everything from those three essential meals a day, to cakes, cookies and other indulgent treats for special occasions. If you like reviews, then check out places & spaces for the inside scoop. The aim is to be accessible to everyone showing you that cooking CAN be enjoyable, versatile and pretty damn tasty.

Rellie x


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